CLIO – Mad Matte Lip 4.5g 007(Bare It All)

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A non-drying, flake-free, and insanely pigmented lipstick!

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CLIO – Mad Matte Lip 4.5g 007(Bare It All)


01. High-definition color for natural coloring

Clear and high-definition color made with high purity micro-pigments easily, naturally and smoothly fits!

02.Moist inside and smooth outside! Surprisingly matte

Its velvet powder capsules are tightly entangled to smoothly apply without highlighting wrinkles. it clings with rich oil moisture!

A surprising lipstick that doesn’t tighten or dry out lips!

03.Smooth rubber container for perfect color presentation

To perfectly show the features of mad Matte lips, the product features mad packaging with color-specific post-processing and matte rubber texture!

Weight 50 g


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