[Dr.G] A-CLEAR Balancing MOISTURIZER, 50ml

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Soothing Ampule with natural ingredients

Dr.G Red-Blemish Soothing Ampule

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A-C;ear Balancing Moisturizer, 50ml

Light yet moisturized oil and water balance
Moisturizer that fills lacking moisture for trouble skin, and controls excessive sebum.
Improves skin as fresh skin without oily feeling.

Care for clean skin color
patented phyto oligo and anti-bac complex, that are great for moisturizing and calming effect, helps to ease redness for clean and moisturized skin.

Moist essence effect
Baobab, which called water storehouse because it is a tree that can store more than 120 thousand of water, and peptide improves skin texture as well as moisture barrier. 2 in 1 (essence + lotion)moisturizer for smooth finishing.

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