3 Days Event: CLIO Rouge Heel Velvet LipStick

3 Days Event: CLIO Rouge Heel Velvet LipStick 1

Clio’s sensational packaging design is inspired by the soft, sexy silhouette of stiletto heels and from all-black packaging to a colorful, matte exterior for a chic vibe!

** CLIO Rouge Heel Velvet LipStick(D/C Products are as following)**


– Opening Teaser No04 

– Pink Me Up No05 

– Coral Avenue No06

– Bird Kiss No07

– Good Mauve No10

– Ginger Vanilla No15

– Peach Hazel No16

– Mauve Letter No17

– Nut Cracker No18

– Tangerine Blacktea No19

– Let It Rose No20

– Roasted Red No21

– Crimson Dream No22

– Cinnamon Deep No23

– Almon Fraise No24

D/C Period : ~ Nov.14th

Coupon Code(10% D/C): cliolipstick20201114

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