Introducing – A’pieu

Witty, Pretty

A’pieu is for the bright, energetic, bubbly, and passionate 18~24 y.o.!

UVibrant but sincere, pretty but witty.

Uncomplicated and effortless, while being true to oneself.
Express yourself


  1. Blithe and playful, but also earnest and sincere
  2. Charming and cheeful with a meticulous eye
  3. Effortlessly true to oneself.

Real recognize real!
Welcome to the secret world of the beauty guru!

Are your skin concerns troubling you?
A’pieu is dedicated to soothe your skin!
Blemishes? Dryness? Wind down with A’pieu!

Want to spice up your daily makeup look?
Easy and simple, but clearly effective!
A’pieu holy grail products your flow up secret!

A’pieu Keyword

  1. 1824
    The brand for enthusiatic, independent customers ages 18-24
  2. KRW 8,000-20,000
    Reasonable price range
  3. 2 million
    Sold over 200 products of the Madecassoside Series
  4. 20 countries
    Advanced into 20 coutries in Asia, the Americas, and Europe
  5. Marked KRW 40 billion
    In annual sales, with an annual average growth of 18% from 2015 to 2019
  6. 210,000
    Aug 2020 Exceeded sales of 210,000 products fro the Bulberry Series
  7. 3 million
    Sold 3 million cumulative products of the entire Juicy-Pang line

A’pieu History

Launched A’pieu online store

Opened first offline store, Ewha Women’s University Branch

Sold 210,000 products of the Mulberry Series

Sold 3 million cumulative products of the entire Juicy-Pang line

Sold 2 million products of the Madecassoside Series

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