Hello – Influencer

KoinShop is willing to create your own “Personal Brand Products” just for a special influencer, such as you.

Therefore, the conditions and process are as follows.


Hello. – Our Purchaser

Koinshop open “K Beauty Collaboration with you” Event and Two(2) applicants will be selected every week and received “Design K Beauty Yourself”(DKY) for FREE.

Therefore, the conditions and process for participating in the event are as follows.

1. How to Choose the product

Please click “Design K Beauty Yourself” → DKY CREAM → Please select one(1) from Anti Aging Cream 50g, Moisturizing Cream 50g, Skin Caring Cream 50g, Whitening Cream 50g

2. Please follow the instruction in description.

3. Coupon code for DKY: It will be provided when you are selected

  • Even if you are not selected, still you can apply again next time.

* The products provided for free will be used for our advertising/marketing purpose.

If you are interested, please fill and submit the form.

4. Reference: with your brand, you can earn commission fee through koinshop.com(Optional)