Earth – Inspired by nature the SAEM
We study the wisdom, culture, and customs of diverse ethnic groups from all around the world.
We discover the diverse beauty secrets in their various lives

ECO – Meet nature with the SAEM
Healthy beauty starts with healthy nature
We try to discover better natural ingredients through studying diverse ecology research.

HUMAN – Meet people with the SAEM
Real beauty means being even beautiful in places where it can not be seen
To make our customers beautiful, we start from people

GOOD PRODUCT – Meet good products with the SAEM
Gifts from nature scientifically proved and re-discovering the ancient wisdom of humanity.
We endlessly research what is a “good product” beginning from our ingredients to our designs.

WORLDWIDE – Meet the world with the SAEM
The SAEM is loved by not only Koreans, but in places throughout the world
Global eco the SAEM brings wisdom from the world and spreads to places all over the world.

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