MEDIHEAL – Aquaring Cleansing Foam 170ml

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Helps relieve the skin during the wash.
Effective in sebum control and cares for the pores.
Cleanses the sacked and rough pores, removes the skin’s tightness, and maintains the skin’s freshness and smoothness even after the face wash.

MEDIHEAL – Aquaring Cleansing Foam 170ml


Moisture content(N.M.F) with moisture ingredients hyaluronate acid and ceramide hydrate dry skin when washing face.
Sebum control and pore care content LS8865 and witch hazel cleanse pores thoroughly.
Provide none drying fresh and silky skin even after face wash.

How To use
Lather bubbles with small amount of water, massage onto face gently and rinse off with lukewarm water thoroughly.

Weight 204 g