MEDIHEAL – M.E.N Timetox Black Mask EX 10sheet


Designed specifically for men—and great for anyone who wants to take their skincare regimen up a notch—the Mediheal M.E.N. Timetox charcoal mask addresses a number of common skin concerns.

MEDIHEAL – M.E.N Timetox Black Mask EX 10sheet


Each sheet is made with chestnut tree charcoal, which increases its adhesive quality, and soaked in a blend of mushroom, seaweed, and green tree extracts. Along with reducing the appearance of wrinkles, it purifies and tightens pores, controls excessive sebum and oiliness, and delivers deep hydration. Plus, it firms, brightens, and improves elasticity for a smooth, resilient complexion. Apply this mask after your toner, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, then remove it and pat the remaining essence into your skin.

Weight 600 g


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