PERIPERA – Pure Blushed Liquid Cheeks 9ml NO.04 Mood Nude

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• This product glides on like water
• Natural watercolor tint for a fruity blush
• Attractive color without correcting filters
• Contains moisturizing ingredients for better adherence, easy application, and to keep the skin moisturized after applying makeup

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PERIPERA – Pure Blushed Liquid Cheeks 9ml NO.04 Mood Nude


Fits right in with your skin tone due to its Beige nude color

Lotus Water : Supplies a sufficient amount of moisture with its excellent moisturizing abilities to keep your skin from drying out
Lemon Balm Herb Petal Water : Reduces darkening by controlling sebum production
Hibiscus Flower Extract : Suppresses flushing by lowering the skin temperature with its cooling effects and the ability reduce the temperature of a person with higher body heat

How to use

01. Gently shake before use. “Shake it! Shake it!”

02. Evenly apply to your face with your finger or an applicator.

03. Soft blossoms on my cheeks!



Weight 50 g


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