VITAHALO – Protein Mask Pack 25ml 20 sheets


Skin irritation test completed
Functional whitening cosmetics
Cupra sheet made from natural cotton
An ultra-tight mask that enhances the absorption of essence
Helps keep dry skin moisturized

VITAHALO – Protein Mask Pack 25ml 20 sheets


Contains soy protein and shea butter
Moistens the skin.
Moist skin with hyaluronic acid
Contains allantoin ingredients
Betaine-containing skin moisturizing effect

Shea butter content
Skin irritation test completed
No parabens added

How to use
1. After cleansing, make skin texture with lotion. Remove the mask sheet and apply it evenly to both sides of the face. Even after 3 to 10 minutes, remove the mask sheet. The essence remaining on the skin will be absorbed by tapping lightly to absorb the skin.

Weight 1200 g


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