‘SM Unit’ SuperM Launched Worldwide… Typical SM Music Performance(SMP)

SM Unit SuperM Launched Worldwide

SuperM, the unit group made by SM entertainment, will be launched worldwide on Oct 4th.

” SM Unit SuperM Launched Worldwide “

SuperM will release the first mini album ‘SuperM’ at 6PM on Oct 4th and is going to do promotion. SuperM members will hold a domestic press conference on Oct 2nd and move to LA to promote this album on Oct 3rd.

They will make performances for their outdoor showcase ‘SuperM: Live at Capitol Records in Hollywood’ at the Capitol Records tower in Hollywood on Oct 5th (local time)

The title song ‘Jopping’ has energetic and noble sound in an electric pop genre. SuperM will show their maximum synergy effect with the massage ‘Fire and Enjoy our stage’ and what SMP(SM Music Performance) is.

This album contained 3 unit songs with different members from each band of SM Entertainment. ‘2 Fast’ (Too Fast) of Tae-min, Baek-hyun, Mark and Lucas, and ‘Super Car’ of Tae-min, Baek-hyun, Tae-yong, Ten and Mark, and ‘No Manners’ Tae-min, Kai, Tae-yong and Ten. In addition, ‘No Manners’ is a hip hop-based R&B pop song.

Producer Lee Soo-man produced this album as Capitol Music Group officially requested. This album raises expectations because famous music artists, like Yoo Young-jin, Kenzie, LDN Noise, etc, joined.

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‘SM Unit’ SuperM Launched Worldwide… Typical SM Music Performance(SMP)

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