Sunmi More Than Quintuples Her 1st-Week Sales Record With “1/6”

Sunmi More Than Quintuples Her 1st-Week Sales Record With “1/6”

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Sunmi has smashed her personal first-week sales record with her latest release!

Earlier this month, Sunmi made her highly-anticipated return with her new mini album “1/6” and its accompanying title track “You can’t sit with us.”

Notably, while Sunmi has released multiple hit singles in recent years, “1/6” marks her first physical album since 2018, when she dropped the mini album “Warning” nearly three years ago.

According to Hanteo Chart, “1/6” sold 10,692 copies on August 9 alone, managing to break Sunmi’s previous first-week sales record of 2,911 (set by “Warning”) within just its first day of sales.

Hanteo Chart has now reported that in the first week of its release (August 9 to 15), “1/6” sold a total of 16,305 copies—more than quintupling Sunmi’s personal record. To be precise, her new first-week sales record achieved by “1/6” is just over 5.6 times higher than that of “Warning.”

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