WINNER’s New Album ‘CROSS’ Coming Soon.. Comeback in 5 Months

WINNER’s New Album ‘CROSS’ Coming Soon.. Comeback in 5 Months 1

WINNER officially announced their new album ‘CROSS’. It’s been 5 months since their song titled ‘AH YEAH’ from the ‘WE’ album released last May has took in the first places in the various music charts.

YG Entertainment revealed a poster of WINNER’s ‘COMING SOON’ on their official blog at 10 AM on Oct. 7th.

The poster image has a black background with 4 lights intersecting each other and unfolding a splendid spectrum of colors. The extremely bright light of the cross gives a feeling of being sucked into the poster and it raised curiosity on what kind of a comeback concept WINNER would have.

The word ‘CROSS’ has been placed on the lower right corner of the poster, clarifying the title of the new album. The message ‘NEW ALBUM COMING SOON’ gets their fans to anticipate for the new music of WINNER that is going to be released soon.

WINNER will be holding a concert at Seoul KSPO Dome on the upcoming 26th and 27th. WINNER has opened the fourth quarter of 2019 with the joyful news of the new album and concert, and the members plan to meet with the fans in Korea by becoming more active in the near future.

WINNER has been trying various types of music and pursued for unique color of music since their debut. Just like their popular songs ‘REALLY REALLY’, ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’, ‘EVERYDAY’, MILLIONS’ and ‘AH YEAH’, which got lots of love from the fans.

Solo activities of the members also stood out. Last November, Song Min-ho met the public with his song ‘Fiance’ and Kim Jin-woo met their fans with his song ‘Call Anytime’ that was released last summer.

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WINNER’s New Album ‘CROSS’ Coming Soon.. Comeback in 5 Months

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