11 Slow K-Pop Jams That Are Dreamy AF

11 Slow K-Pop Jams That Are Dreamy AF

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When we think K-pop, the first thing that often comes to mind is fast tempo music that sets a party mood. Yet, artists have proven to us over the years that there is a softer side to the genre, with songs that can serve as a lullaby. This means there are so many good songs to include when making a K-pop playlist to unwind.

This being said, here are 11 slow K-pop jams that are dreamy AF. Enjoy the mellow ride!

  1. SEVENTEEN – “Same Dream, Same Mind, Same Night”

If you’re looking for a cute song that acts as a love confession, SEVENTEEN has got your back. The members deliver a sweet ballad telling the story of what seems to be the perfect relationship, with the lyrics generously describing the feelings that stem from it. The soft instrumentals beautifully complement the ensemble, sending the listener on a daydreaming journey.

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