9 K-Pop Rappers That Can Sing Like Main Vocalists

9 K-Pop Rappers That Can Sing Like Main Vocalists

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Every K-pop rapper gives it their all when they’re spitting bars, so their level of talent is already stunning. However, there are some rappers out there that go above and beyond with their performance capabilities – singing isn’t necessarily a part of the job description, but that doesn’t stop these nine idols from being able to belt it with the vocalists!

Joohoney can hype up an audience like no other, and his rap skills are definitely noteworthy. That’s why his appearance on “The King of Mask Singer” may have been a surprise to some, but he proved that he can kill it as a vocalist with his natural stage presence and beautiful vocal tone. Just like his mask says, he really is the best!

Leader, main rapper, vocalist, producer – Jeon Soyeon’s list of talents never seems to end! Her sound is iconic to (G)I-DLE, but she’s been snagging trophies recently with her solo work as well. She was praised for her vocals during her time on “Produce 101,” and her talent for both singing and rap is obvious in all of her performances.

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