Koinshop is collaborating with User-Generated Content creators

We are planning to collaborate with YouTubers for K-beauty content.

The benefits, if you become a Koinfluencers.(Koinshop + Influencer)

– You will get free products every 2 weeks for 2 months(Total: 4 times)
– You can select whatever you want
– The maximum amount for one content(delivery) is U$80.
– Your Subscribers/Followers get a Discount code
– Koinshop will directly deliver to the winner(from your subscribers/followers) of the event or survey.

How Do You Become One?
In your 1st content, if you can post DYB(Design K-Beauty with your Brand) provided from koinshop.com

Please provide us with your brand. If you do not have, the brand will be the name of your social media Channel.

Important) There must be “Koinshop.com” in every thumbnail

From 2nd content, there should be a “Koinshop” on the thumbnail.

After your first content is posted, you will receive the Free Coupon and select the K-beauty products that you like to post for the next content.

If you can do these 2 conditions, please visit Instagram (@koinshopsns). and write 1. Name of Youtube Channel 2. Your Country to the latest post(Title: Koinfluencer).

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