Listen: BTS’s RM Drops New Self-Composed Song “Bicycle”

Listen: BTS’s RM Drops New Self-Composed Song “Bicycle”

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BTS’s RM has shared an emotional new solo song!

As part of the ongoing 2021 BTS Festa—the group’s yearly celebration of the anniversary of their debut—RM has released a brand-new track entitled “Bicycle,” which he personally composed and arranged together with John Eun.

Explaining what had inspired the song, which marks his first solo release since “mono.” in 2018, RM wrote, “I’d always wanted to write a song about bicycles… my heart always flutters when I ride a bicycle, but whenever I place my two feet on the pedals, I also always feel a bit sad. Maybe it’s because there are many things I miss… I, too, don’t quite know the reason.

“Perhaps it’s because I don’t have a driver’s license yet, so I’ve never driven a car before. At any rate, for me, [riding a bicycle] is the rare time when I feel most physically free. I wanted to transfer that hazy scenery, which always remained out of reach as I rode my bicycle ever since my trainee days, to a song. Those sad but exciting, slightly cold but also warm feelings.

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