ROKKISS Tea Tree Peeling Gel

ROKKISS Tea Tree Peeling Gel 120ml


Tea tree extract for smooth and smooth skin condensation management
Eucalyptus leaves, licorice extract and natural ingredients such as less stimulation products

ROKKISS Tea Tree Peeling Gel 120ml


Powerful face peeling gel with natural ingredients.

ROK-Kiss Tea Tree Peeling Gel’s peeling ingredients will help the old dead skin cell discharged and pores to be tight.

So it will take care of your skin smooth.

How to Use

1. After washing and wiping moisture of face, prepare with dry face.

2. Softly massage about 1~2minutes applying to face except for around eyes and lips. 03. Clean neatly with tepid water after getting rid of bodily waste

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ROKKISS Tea Tree Peeling Gel 120ml 1

Weight 240 g


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