1. You will get for “Free” → Need for mutual Agreement

2. You can promote your brand with your Channel(s)(ex:YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc)

3. For your subscribers/followers, you will receive a discount coupon that can used on

1. Submit the  Application

Two(2) applicants will be selected every week and received KCY product(DIY) for FREE.

2. K Beauty Collaboration with You(DIY)

Design your product with your brand.

3. “K Beauty Collaboration with You” – Earn commission Fee(Optional)

KoinShop is willing to create your own “Personal Brand Products” just for a special influencer, such as you.

How to Join

1 Register Brandy Influecer

If you run yout own channel at any Social Media Channel

2 니가 만약 원하면 브랜드 이미지 파일을 나에게 전달을 해라

3 우리가 너의 K Beauty  제품을 만들꺼야

4 너에게 샘플과 너의 purchasers(ex: followers/subscribers) D/C 코드를 전달 할꺼야

5 Time to do show time with your SNS Channel

6 유통 채널 협의 – 계약서

For any enquiries regarding Brandy Influencer Program, please email us at

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