What is Brandy Influencer?

You will be our influencer who advertises www.koinshop.com with products or services through content marketing, such as review a product or website, take photos or create videos of them using a product, create unboxing videos, or even host giveaways for the brand.

If you post about koinshop on your social media channel,

1. Earn commission

You can earn the commission when your followers/subscribers shop through your code. The calculation of your commission is as follows.

  A. D/C for Subscribers/Folowers: 10% Your code will be given when you register the “Brandy Influencer”

  B. Commission Rate: 5% ex: (U$100 x 10% D/C) x 5% Commission = U$4.50 

2. Posting

Please insert the Hash tag(#koinshop, #Designkbeautyyourself, #DKY, #Brandyinfluencer) and share it with your subscribers/followers

3. Free Gift – K beauty cream with your brand

DKY stands for “Design K Beauty Yourself with your Brand”, and Koinshop will make K-Beauty Cream for free with your brand. If you also sell your product, Koinshop will give you a commission.

More question: contact@koinshop.com. 

Sample of DKY 1
Sample of DKY
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