Koinfluencer 1

The benefits, if you become a Koinfluencers.(Koinshop + Influencer)

– You will get free products every 2 weeks for 2 months(Total: 4 times)

– You can select whatever you want

– The total amount of products you can receive per content(delivery) is as follows.

** Up to 30 seconds: U$30(as beginner) / ex: Tiktok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts **

** More than 30 seconds: U$60(as beginner) / ex: YouTube **

– Your Subscribers/Followers get a Discount code

– Koinshop will directly deliver to the winner(from your subscribers/followers), If you have an event or survey.

How Do You Become ONE?

In your 1st content, you must post DYB(Design K-Beauty with your Brand) provided by koinshop.com 

Please provide us with your brand. If you do not have, the brand will be the name of your social media Channel.

Koinfluencer 2
Koinshop Logo 흰색 바탕 검정 글자(512x512) - 20220511

From 2nd content, there should be a “Koinshop” on the thumbnail.

After your first content is posted, you will receive the Free Coupon and select the K-beauty products that you like to post for the next content.

If you can do these 2 steps, please visit/follow Instagram(@koinshopsns) and leave

1. Social Media Channel 2. Username 3. Your Country to the latest post(Title: Koinfluencer).

If you are selected, Koinshop will contact you